1. Build Muscle to achieve have a higher metabolism!

    Why resistance train? Resistance training is critical for true fitness. Without it, your muscles will atrophy. If you aren’t building muscle, you are likely losing it. And if you are 20 or older, you are definitely losing muscle, unless you are working hard to build it. Beginning at age 20, we …Read More

  2. Time-crunch workout: No excuse Time

    Time-crunch workout There are many fitness exercises and ways of MOVING that help your body become stronger. Proper training helps your body get rid of waste, rev up your immune system, improve digestion, maintain a healthy body weight, boost energy, build healthy bones and strong muscles, it’s go…Read More

  3. Mini-Holiday Checklist Inside!

    FACT: The holidays are here at this moment , and I’ve got your game-plan (right in this email!) to help you stay on-track, feel STRONG, and still have FUN! Chances are the holidays this year are going to look a little (lot?!) different than most other years. ALSO FACT: Being prepared for that di…Read More

  4. The top 10 training tips for abs

    1. FOLLOW A HIGH-PROTEIN, LOWER-CARB DIET Your nutrition  is essential in building a lean physique. It is important to consume 4- to-6 small meals per day; this helps to speed up your metabolism at an incredibly rapid rate. Although there are many different theories on meal frequencies, eating sma…Read More