I feel great.

I am a rear detachment commander in the Army and wasn’t working out with Soldiers. I needed some form of workout because I was gaining weight at an alarming rate of speed. I started working out at Gym X in Temple and saw signs advertising a biggest loser contest at Validus. I am the competitive type and after speaking with Noel I decided to enter the competition.

My uniform fit very snug and I was over all unhappy with the way my body was shaping (round). I had been working out with Noel since he trained my boyfriend. The workouts were good. After I committed to the program the workouts became more intense. I was burning anywhere between 800-1000 calories before I left. That was half what I burned the rest of the day. I loved the workouts.

There was significant weight loss immediately. It was wonderful. I must also mention that only a couple months earlier it was discovered that I had an underactive thyroid. Although I was on medication, my body was still continuing to adjust to the new hormones. Typically this kind of change will hinder weight loss but I continued to lose.

At the end of a five month weight lose challenge I was down to 168 lbs. An entire 25 lbs shed from my body. My goal weight is 145-150 and I will continue to work towards this goal. I cannot weight for the day I reach this goal. I feel great at 168; I will be outstanding at 145.

Megan Burke