Maximize results and minimize the chance for injury.

Gary came to Validus in January 2014 looking to alleviate extreme shoulder pain that was affecting his ability to exercise. The fitness coaches listened to Gary’s concerns and designed a program for him to start that would reduce the pain in his shoulders and help him gain muscle to allow Gary to participate in a training program on a consistent basis. During his time at Validus, Gary was also a contestant in our 21 day challenge and was able to lose 20 pounds during the short 3 weeks of the challenge. Validus training has helped him achieve his weight loss goals despite his shoulder injuries and has helped to considerably reduce his shoulder pain.

Since joining Validus, I have gained a better understanding of the importance of a proper eating lifestyle. This has allowed me to bring my cholesterol levels down from 196 to 144. My resting pulse was in the upper 60’s and has come down to the lower 50’s. The quality of the program and the team is outstanding. The coaches are fantastic. They took the time to understand what my limitations were and made the effort to tailor my workouts accordingly. I like how the fitness coaches watch me closely when working out, correcting my form as needed to maximize results and minimize the chance for injury.

Gary Inocencio