Phenomenal results.

I think we all reach a place when we decide it is time to stop thinking about getting into shape and actually do something about it instead. In my case, I was forced to admit my size 44 jeans were simply too small, and the thought of buying another pair of 46-inchers was unacceptable. To make matters worse, at age 43, I was forced to take blood pressure medicine, and my cholesterol and triglycerides were getting out of control. I was on a highway to a heart attack; I was still sedentary and eating out of control, and I knew I needed help.

Hiring a professional trainer was the single most important thing I did to dramatically change my physique and to pull my overall health out of its nose dive. With Noel’s help, I was able to drop a huge amount of weight in a short time. But more importantly, I was able to stop taking blood pressure meds after about 6 weeks, and at the end of the 5 month contest, my doctor looked and my labs, grinned and said, “You cured yourself!”

Immediately after completing the workouts, I took a vacation to Boulder, CO where I had a chance to hike some extremely strenuous mountain trails. I was amazed how well I was able to perform despite the 6000+ foot altitude and the challenging terrain. Five months prior, I was unable to step up on a 1 foot tall box with my left leg because of severe muscle atrophy due to multiple knee surgeries and years of pain. Now, 70 pounds lighter and much stronger, I was able to bound up the trail and scramble over obstacles I would have never even attempted before. I never expected performance like that. Noel told me from the beginning of my training that I would see phenomenal results if I would only follow his regimen of training, diet and supplements. And darn it, he was right!

“You already know the right thing to do. Now go do the right thing.”

David Plemons