1. This is the place to come!

    I could tell you that I would be in a wheel chair very soon if I didn’t change my lifestyle because of my scoliosis. It is my actions and decisions that determine what I can do. I have been very pleased with the quality of the trainers as well as the program they have been administering. Each coach has been knowledgeable, respectful, challenging, and encouraging! I feel better; I’m walking alm…Read More

    Betty Hiles, Retired TISD Teacher
  2. A huge accomplishment in just 5 months!

    Like most clients, Heather decided to start training because of health concerns. She has lost over 77 pounds, 14% body fat, and over 33 total inches. That is a huge accomplishment in just 5 months! Heather says the coaching programs are “extensive and tailored to each individual”. Heather states she has learned the importance of her eating habits as well as proper water intake. "I can do what …Read More

    Heather Plaisance
  3. They understand my needs.

    At Validus, they understand my needs and give me what I need; it’s the whole package. We identified my weaknesses and built on it. My form was not correct and I realized my true full potential. As a result I have had no lower back problems (as an MMA fighter this constant). Each coach contributes in his own unique way to make things come together as a whole. I came in with a desire to be differe…Read More

    TJ Waldburger, UFC Professional MMA Fighter
  4. Validus is the total package.

    Being a former football coach. I thought I knew a lot about weight training, athletics and exercising. I came in with a foot injury that I could not figure out. I went to doctor with no relieve. After a consultation and a brief analysis, the Validus team figure out the problem and began a training regiment that helped. I learned a lot of new things that I did not get from 5 years of coaching. I co…Read More

    Robert Punchard, Former Coach, TISD
  5. I feel amazingly better.

    Sandy was referred to Validus by her physical therapist after having a double knee replacement. She also experienced chronic hip pain for the past 6 years. The individually tailored programs at Validus worked with Sandy to recover strength, balance, and endurance that was lost after her surgery. She is proud to say that now she gets to enjoy her favorite activities such as Golf, Biking, Gardening,…Read More

    Sandy Horn
  6. Maximize results and minimize the chance for injury.

    Gary came to Validus in January 2014 looking to alleviate extreme shoulder pain that was affecting his ability to exercise. The fitness coaches listened to Gary’s concerns and designed a program for him to start that would reduce the pain in his shoulders and help him gain muscle to allow Gary to participate in a training program on a consistent basis. During his time at Validus, Gary was also a…Read More

    Gary Inocencio
  7. Worked all muscles of the body.

    I began as a client the last week of August 2009. I had set a goal to lose as much weight as possible before my daughter’s wedding in mid January 2010. That gave us a short 5 months to work and be successful. The Validus team did an excellent job in making me accountable for what I ate and how much I exercised. They focused on nutrition and the diet helped me learn to make the life style change …Read More

    Dana Hoelscher
  8. Phenomenal results.

    I think we all reach a place when we decide it is time to stop thinking about getting into shape and actually do something about it instead. In my case, I was forced to admit my size 44 jeans were simply too small, and the thought of buying another pair of 46-inchers was unacceptable. To make matters worse, at age 43, I was forced to take blood pressure medicine, and my cholesterol and triglycerid…Read More

    David Plemons
  9. I highly recommend Validus’ training program.

    I have always enjoyed fitness and trying new and different things to stay in shape, such as Insanity, Soccer, Gym, work out buddies, and never got the results that I wanted. After years of exercise and living a somewhat healthy lifestyle, I had gotten out of my exercise routine and was not working out a lot. Stress has a way of wreaking havoc on your body if you let it. Needless to say, I had put …Read More

    William Hidalgo
  10. Learned the correct way to exercise.

    I met Noel in September where he was offering a consultation that help me see where I was at. He showed me how the Validus system would help me achieve my goals. I had just had my second child in August 2010 at age 22 and I weighed 190 pounds. After my consultation I signed up to become a client in late November of 2010. In our first session of my coach took me through a comprehensive physical ass…Read More

    Lia Mendez