Learned the correct way to exercise.

I met Noel in September where he was offering a consultation that help me see where I was at. He showed me how the Validus system would help me achieve my goals. I had just had my second child in August 2010 at age 22 and I weighed 190 pounds. After my consultation I signed up to become a client in late November of 2010.

In our first session of my coach took me through a comprehensive physical assessment of my capacities and structured a plan for me. He told me that we would lose about 2 pounds a week to achieve my goal by training, cardio, and a comprehensive nutrition plan. Although hopeful and optimistic, I must say that I did have my doubts. I was 50 pounds heavier than I was before having my children, I had not run in years, and my back was so out of alignment from having children that I had to take prescription narcotics prescribed by my OBGYN doctor. I had tried weight loss fads in the past including dieting, Hydroxycut, and going to a weight loss center to get the appetite suppressants which only lead to many side effects. All my efforts before had only resulted in short scheme weight loss that I ultimately gained back, a lot of wasted money, which once I calculated cost way more combined than investing in the Validus system. I had no true life style changing doing any of this quick fix stuff. After the 14 months I lost a total of 35 pounds, went from a size Large in maternity clothing to a size 8/10 in juniors , I could lift 35 pound dumbbells, and could sprint at 10 mph on a treadmill. Even though I had not gotten down to my pre-first child weight my physique was more toned and muscular and I was wearing smaller clothing.

I am now more conscious about my eating habits, body, and exercising abilities. I not only learned the correct way to exercise but learned how to use movement, food, and our body’s natural process to look and feel the way that I want to.

Lia Mendez