IMG_3337“I could tell you that I would be in a wheel chair very soon if I didn’t change my lifestyle because of my scoliosis.  It is my actions and decisions that determine what I can do.  I have been very pleased with the quality of the trainers as well as the program they have been administering.  Each coach has been knowledgeable, respectful, challenging, and encouraging! I feel better; I’m walking almost entirely without my cane; I’ve lost body fat and gained muscle; blood pressure is lower; energy level has improved.  If you want to improve the quality of your life, this is the place to come!”

Betty Hiles, Retired TISD Teacher


Like most clients, Heather decided to start training because of health concerns.  She has lost over 77 pounds, 14% body fat, and over 33 total inches.  That is a huge accomplishment in just 5 months!  Heather says the coaching programs are “extensive and tailored to each individual”.  Heather states she has learned the importance of her eating habits as well as proper water intake.  “I can do what I put my mind to.”

                                                                                                                                                               – Heather Plaisance


“At Validus, they understand my needs and give me what I need; it’s the whole package.  We identified my weaknesses and built on it.  My form was not correct and I realized my true full potential.  As a result I have had no lower back problems (as an MMA fighter this constant).  Each coach contributes in his own unique way to make things come together as a whole.  I came in with a desire to be different and I was changed.  Regardless of where you are physically, you will progress with Validus, grow stronger, and become more structurally sound.”

TJ Waldburger, UFC Professional MMA Fighter

Being a former football coach. I thought I knew a lot about weight training, athletics and exercising. I came in with a foot injury that I could not figure out. I went to doctor with no relieve. After a consultation and a brief analysis, the Validus team figure out the problem and began a training regiment that helped. I learned a lot of new things that I did not get from 5 years of coaching. I continued to enjoy the workouts and service for 2 years with a dramatic 80 pound weight lose and 20% lose in body fat.

Robs advice to anyone looking to improve their health and change their life; “Break your bad habits, & start a training program. All you need is a little discipline to get started. Sometimes you need a push in the right direction and I feel Validus provides that. The staff is very knowledgeable, personable, friendly, and motivating. Validus is the total package, feels like family.”

–  Robert Punchard,  former Coach TISD

Sandy was referred to Validus by her physical therapist after having a double knee replacement. She also experienced chronic hip pain for the past 6 years. The individually tailored programs at Validus worked with Sandy to recover strength, balance, and endurance that was lost after her surgery. She is proud to say that now she gets to enjoy her favorite activities such as Golf, Biking, Gardening, and spending time with her grandchildren pain free!

“This is not your ordinary fitness center with routine trainers. Validus fitness professionals are very knowledgeable and constantly studying to learn the latest science. If I come in with any aches, I feel amazingly better at the end of my workout”    

—Sandy Horn

Gary came to Validus in January 2014 looking to alleviate extreme shoulder pain that was affecting his ability to exercise. The fitness coaches listened to Gary’s concerns and designed a program for him to start that would reduce the pain in his shoulders and help him gain muscle to allow Gary to participate in a training program on a consistent basis. During his time at Validus, Gary was also a contestant in our 21 day challenge and was able to lose 20 pounds during the short 3 weeks of the challenge. Validus training has helped him achieve his weight loss goals despite his shoulder injuries and has helped to considerably reduce his shoulder pain.

Since joining Validus, I have gained a better understanding of the importance of a proper eating lifestyle. This has allowed me to bring my cholesterol levels down from 196 to 144.  My resting pulse was in the upper 60’s and has come down to the lower 50’s.  The quality of the program and the team is outstanding.  The coaches are fantastic. They took the time to understand what my limitations were and made the effort to tailor my workouts accordingly.  I like how the fitness coaches watch me closely when working out, correcting my form as needed to maximize results and minimize the chance for injury”.                —- Gary Inocencio

I began as a client the last week of August 2009.  I had set a goal to lose as much weight as possible before my daughter’s wedding in mid January 2010.  That gave us a short 5 months to work and be successful. The Validus team did an excellent job in making me accountable for what I ate and how much I exercised.  They  focused on nutrition and the diet helped me learn to make the life style change needed to be successful in weight loss and weight management.  The workouts were hard and focused on helping me lose and tone.  We worked all muscles of the body and at times I didn’t think I could go on but he pushed me to work hard and count my calories to achieve my goal.

Through the teams guidance and determination to help me succeed, I was able to lose an average of 2lbs per week.  Thanks to Noel and the Validus team my total weight loss by January 2010 was 35 pounds! My family and I were so excited to see that I could lose so much weight in such a short period of time!         –  Dana Hoelscher

I think we all reach a place when we decide it is time to stop thinking about getting into shape and actually do something about it instead. In my case, I was forced to admit my size 44 jeans were simply too small, and the thought of buying another pair of 46-inchers was unacceptable. To make matters worse, at age 43, I was forced to take blood pressure medicine, and my cholesterol and triglycerides were getting out of control. I was on a highway to a heart attack; I was still sedentary and eating out of control, and I knew I needed help.

Hiring a professional trainer was the single most important thing I did to dramatically change my physique and to pull my overall health out of its nose dive. With Noel’s help, I was able to drop a huge amount of weight in a short time. But more importantly, I was able to stop taking blood pressure meds after about 6 weeks, and at the end of the 5 month contest, my doctor looked and my labs, grinned and said, “You cured yourself!”

Immediately after completing the workouts, I took a vacation to Boulder, CO where I had a chance to hike some extremely strenuous mountain trails. I was amazed how well I was able to perform despite the 6000+ foot altitude and the challenging terrain. Five months prior, I was unable to step up on a 1 foot tall box with my left leg because of severe muscle atrophy due to multiple knee surgeries and years of pain. Now, 70 pounds lighter and much stronger, I was able to bound up the trail and scramble over obstacles I would have never even attempted before. I never expected performance like that. Noel told me from the beginning of my training that I would see phenomenal results if I would only follow his regimen of training, diet and supplements. And darn it, he was right!

“You already know the right thing to do. Now go do the right thing”

– David Plemons

I have always enjoyed fitness and trying new and different things to stay in shape, such as Insanity, Soccer, Gym, work out buddies, and never got the results that I wanted. After years of exercise and living a somewhat healthy lifestyle, I had gotten out of my exercise routine and was not working out a lot. Stress has a way of wreaking havoc on your body if you let it. Needless to say, I had put on some weight and was looking to do something different to get back on track and enhance my workouts as well as reach my goals. I decided to schedule a consultation at Validus to better understand my goals and how there training system would get me to my goals. I decided to start on the Validus transformation program and it was the best decision I’ve made for my personal fitness goals.

My goals were to lose a few pounds, tone up and then build a little bit of mass. I was blown away on how fast I achieved change. I started at 16% body fat, within 8 weeks I lost 9% and gain 10 lbs in muscle mass, all at the same time. The Head fitness coach Noel put me in the greatest shape I had ever been in. He had laid out a program and a specific nutrition plan on our very first session we had. His workouts were very intense and appropriate. He was able to assess my fitness level and challenge me to the fullest every session. I never felt like I was going to pass out or through up in any session. However, I was doing exercises that I’ve never done before. The fitness coach gauged my performance to keep me moving forward in my training. Each session with my coach left me revved up for the rest of the day. I felt like fat was just melting of my body the rest of the day. The workouts were specific to my individual goals of improving performance for soccer while losing body fat. Throughout my program I had continual and noticeable results.

I highly recommend Validus’s training program for those who are serious about finally achieving their goals – William Hidalgo

I met Noel in September where he was offering a consultation that help me see where I was at. He showed me how the Validus system would help me achieve my goals. I had just had my second child in August 2010 at age 22 and I weighed 190 pounds. After my consultation I signed up to become a client in late November of 2010.

In our first session of my coach took me through a comprehensive physical assessment of my capacities and structured a plan for me. He told me that we would lose about 2 pounds a week to achieve my goal by training, cardio, and a comprehensive nutrition plan. Although hopeful and optimistic, I must say that I did have my doubts. I was 50 pounds heavier than I was before having my children, I had not run in years, and my back was so out of alignment from having children that I had to take prescription narcotics prescribed by my OBGYN doctor. I had tried weight loss fads in the past including dieting, Hydroxycut, and going to a weight loss center to get the appetite suppressants which only lead to many side effects. All my efforts before had only resulted in short scheme weight loss that I ultimately gained back, a lot of wasted money, which once I calculated cost way more combined than investing in the Validus system. I had no true life style changing doing any of this quick fix stuff. After the 14 months I lost a total of 35 pounds, went from a size Large in maternity clothing to a size 8/10 in juniors , I could lift 35 pound dumbbells, and could sprint at 10 mph on a treadmill. Even though I had not gotten down to my pre-first child weight my physique was more toned and muscular and I was wearing smaller clothing.

I am now more conscious about my eating habits, body, and exercising abilities. I not only learned the correct way to exercise but learned how to use movement, food, and our body’s natural process to look and feel the way that I want to. –  Lia Mendez

I am a rear detachment commander in the Army and wasn’t working out with Soldiers. I needed some form of workout because I was gaining weight at an alarming rate of speed. I started working out at Gym X in Temple and saw signs advertising a biggest loser contest at Validus. I am the competitive type and after speaking with Noel I decided to enter the competition.

My uniform fit very snug and I was over all unhappy with the way my body was shaping (round). I had been working out with Noel since he trained my boyfriend. The workouts were good. After I committed to the program the workouts became more intense. I was burning anywhere between 800-1000 calories before I left. That was half what I burned the rest of the day. I loved the workouts.

There was significant weight loss immediately. It was wonderful. I must also mention that only a couple months earlier it was discovered that I had an underactive thyroid. Although I was on medication, my body was still continuing to adjust to the new hormones. Typically this kind of change will hinder weight loss but I continued to lose.

At the end of a five month weight lose challenge I was down to 168 lbs. An entire 25 lbs shed from my body. My goal weight is 145-150 and I will continue to work towards this goal. I cannot weight for the day I reach this goal. I feel great at 168; I will be outstanding at 145.   – Megan Burke

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